Meet Irina

Some of us believe in one life, other believe in many lives. I believe in both, when many lives can be lived within one life span.

Born in today no more existing country USSR in the 60-s, I was a child of the XX century and the Soviet system. That was my home, my identity.
Time passed, the country disappeared, new systems replaced each other, bringing new beliefs and values. Home disappeared but the identity was still inside my heart.Time spent in my beloved Norway in the 90-s enriched me with a new language, new cultural inheritance, new people. I found my new home but lost my identity..The new millennium brought me to a new beautiful country Sweden with its rich traditions in all spheres. I was again without home and without identity or belonging.At that tough time I realized a simple thing that my home is where my feet are!

My identity lies in no circumstances or places, it isn’t connected to people. IT IS INSIDE ME! All my lives and experiences are my identity!

Yoga came true to me in 2011 and I was surprised at how fast yoga took me back on the track of life in 2013, softly and cautiously. I explored several different yoga forms in Sweden, Norway, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Australia: Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Warm,Kundalini, Ashtanga and MediYoga.

I had the pleasure of studying yoga teachings with Manjo Jois, Sadhguru, Danny Paradise, Rusty Wells, Bryan Kest, Johanna Andersson, Göran Boll, Pär Krutzén, Elisabeth Engqvist and many more. Medical yoga-MediYoga became my passion. Today I am a certified MediYoga instructor having private sessions and running classes in HagaBadet – the most beautiful spa in Gothenburg and in Artistique Dance&Perform a famous school with its uniqness of styles and teachers.

In june 2018 after 3 years of own practice I became a certificated teacher of the Face Yoga Method, founded by a great teacher, face explorer, best seller of the whole number of books and a host of a number of TV shows in Japan Fumiko Takatsu. Adding face exercises, scientifically and heartedly created by Fumiko during past 10-13 years, my yoga practice became richer and more whole. I modified and adjusted the poses to my own face. I also created new exercises based on the knowledge received during practicing  and teaching yoga

Facefullness is my way and method to meet a face as something you never met before. It’s a way to learn to love, admire and care for those small and delicate 43 face muscles (around 60 with the neck and chest) that are created for you to use them for expressing yourself in every way.

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