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Not everyone learned to enjoy winter swimming, but those enthusiasts who really love a wonderful feeling of cold water touching your skin and “reloading” the whole body-mind-soul-spirit system can tell the difference.

When I became a widow autumn 2001 and had no room for breathing, when despair and tears occupied all space inside, that was the ocean with its cold water and elegantly swimming swans that became my biggest savior. The water splashes gave peace and tranquility. They also added life to my face, the cheeks looked fresh, the skin felt smooth and soft.

Ever since whenever I am sad and down or in times of viruses and colds the ocean water boost my immune system. It also increases my blood and energy flow and stimulates “feel good” hormones.

Whenever I am happy and feel overwhelmed with joy, I have an urge to feel water touch to my skin, my face, my soul. Clean natural water, salt or sweet, cold or warm; from a sea or a river is something beautiful and sacred. It works magic for me. It can work magic for all of us if we try. Maybe because our bodies are 57-60% water?

                                                                                                Photo by Ingvar Karlsson 

Starting the Facefullness concept and working on the face muscles, I got in touch with a very interesting person and a passionate face researcher from Japan Fumiko Takatsu, who even became my teacher. In her FaceYoga Method water plays a very important role. Hot water for drinking and cold water for splashing the face.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        I started regularly drinking hot water the first thing in the morning and the last thing before going to bed as well as sipping it through the day. Cleansing and hydrating features for the whole system and not only for the skin I could feel almost at once. The water shall be drinkable hot. There is loads of information regarding advantages of the hot water compared to cold, I suggest you read it if interesting. But don’t believe it, test it yourself.

When bright days are short and rare like now and later during winter, it’s hard to swim outside every day. But since I am used to chilling my face with outside waters I found Fumiko’s advice to splash the face with water every morning and evening as a part of my home routine, refreshing and healthful. A little bowl with comfortably cold water is everything you need. Do quick 108 splashes and with each splash touch your face in different areas with the fingertips. It feels like cold tapping; the water temperature can be adjusted by adding warmer or colder water. Notice the sensation in your face while doing this repetitive quick movement 108 times. Witness your mind, your thoughts. Do they ask why this shall be exactly 108 splashes? Keep splashing and tapping, while counting in a background. Don’t forget breathing! Finally look at the mirror, wipe softly the water drops from your fresh face and give yourself a BIG SMILE. Now your day begins.

p.s. After you have done this instead of pouring the water out, you can use it to water your plants.

Photo by Brigitte Sjoden