Background & Benefits

One morning I had a headache that started the evening before. My skin on the face felt tense and the jaws were very tight.

After practicing yoga and meditation with focus on my spine and neck, I felt more than usual that my face was relaxed and calm. My headache almost disappeared. My image in the mirror radiated calmness and harmony. My “11 lines” between the eyes as well as usually deep horizontal forehead lines became smoother, the skin felt softer, I felt balanced. My face radiated happiness and my muscles and my jaws were relaxed. A simple idea struck my mind:

If practicing yoga with focus on the neck I get positive effect on my face, why I can’t shift focus to my face and see the changes in the body?  The concept that I later called FACEFULLNESS was born.

FACEFULLNESS as a form of FACE YOGA is a very natural and available method of mindful using and exercising facial muscles with the roots in yoga’s ageless infinity and in Cleopatra’s time of searching for youth elixir. This method is very relevant in our hectic and turbulent lives.